Upgrade ERPNext from v5 to v13

Why ?

My ERPNext venture has been halted for a long while. However, we do have an existing customer to support.
They have been using the system for a long while without any issue. However, no upgrade means no new features and this time they are really in need of that

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Docker compose to AWS ECS Part 1

What are Docker and Docker-compose ?

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Azure: Restore a deleted VM

Have been using AWS and DO for the past few years, I have some struggles when moving to Azure. For one thing, even with the new portal, Azure’s UI is still cluttering and quite hard to navigate around, let alone using any short cut.

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Development with ERPNext - Part 1: Setup using Vagrant box

One thing that was quite impressive when I first started working with ERPNext was the underlying Frappe Framework. It is highly extensible multi-tenant platform. In a way, Frappe acts as a host for all other apps to run on top, including ERPNext itself.

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Docker Compose to host Django APIs

Docker compose helps to simplify a lot of steps in hosting the APIs especially with auto reload. Details on how I’ve set up the environment will be posted at another time.

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Auto backup ERPNext DB and public files to AWS S3

ERPNext is a fast growing open source ERP platform, which’s pretty easy to use or setup. With a clear modularized architect, the underlaying app development platform of ERPNext (called Frappe) allows developer to quickly add new features to ERPNext, or even stand-alone applications. In general, it’s a pretty good platform.

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