Back to Singapore after 2 years

I hadn’t paid enough attention to realise that I missed Singapore until landed that afternoon in Changi.

It’s February 2022 and both Vietnam and Singapore’s borders are still both relatively close, due to COVID.
Tan Son Nhat looks like a ghost airport. On that Scoot flight, there were probably less than 20 passengers

It’s a weird feeling when passing throughcustom took literally 15 mins.
And even weirder was sitting on a plane that empty.

There I was, traveling alone, leaving my family behind for a call of duty.
Part of me feels happy when able to travel after 2-3 years of lock-downs.

The trip was made by last-minute arrangements: SHN (7 day Stay Home notice) hotel booked, a short term accommodation secured and office is always ready.
Though 7-day being locked in a 10m2 hotel definitely got the better of me, in the end, it’s still about seeing my beloved second home again. Home is where your heart belongs. And here I have my own family and friends that I have longed to meet.

Orchard was pretty much alive then. It seems that not much has been changed as I strolled through not-that-crowded places along the road.
Singapore appeared great and neat as always. My driver from the airport told me it’s bad but it’s manageable and has been recovering well.

That was the anxious and slightly exciting start of the next 2.5 months of grinding works and homesickness. But that was for another post!

Written on March 29, 2022