A new decade

Life was not designed to give us what we want but life was designed to give us what we deserved

Jim Rohn

Today, 01-Jan-2020, marks a new decade. In 2010, I was just graduated for 1 year and still working in the University as a Research Officer.

The last decade has been great to me:

  • Celebrate the decade long of love with wifey soon and will welcome our first kid next year
  • Been to 7 different countries, experienced a few of different cultures. Learnt Mandarin though not fluent still.
  • Jumping through a few jobs ranging from Academic Research to Game development, experience totally different working environments (both good and bad).
  • Joining a startup and following through for the last 5 years have taught me various skill sets from development to managing people.

The transition from 20s to 30s, however, is rough. And it feels like a mid-life crisis is hanging there somewhere waiting for me. But at the same time, coming back to Vietnam last year has made my mind clearer. Last time while staying in Singapore, my purpose is blurry. Granted that Singapore was clean, safe, and more advanced in almost all aspects but I really don’t know what I am doing there. In Vietnam, I can tell surely that I will try my best contribute for a better environment and education.

Another thing only recently I have realised is the science of how we can grow better. Since young, I have been pretty confident about my own intellectual capacity. And for that reason, most of the exams in my life, I usually only spent the short period right before them to study and still passed. That was bad, in the sense that it has given me a totally wrong idea of how to master a skill or a subject.

1% daily does beat 10% for 1 month by a far distance (if anyone counting then it is 1.01^30=34.7% vs 10%). It applies to not only money but also our growth. A bit everyday is the best way to grow.

Habit is king, not perfection (so don’t waste time trying to make it perfect). It determines our behaviors, our characteristics. And therefore, our future, our successes. Habits make us that magnet which can attract success, habits make us what we become, therefore, what we deserved.

Written on January 1, 2020