Happy New Year 2019!

I have stopped blogging for a while, more than a year and a half to be more accurate. Last year has been tough when I have had to juggled between a crazily time-consuming full time job and my own ERPNext venture. It’s a pity that in the end, I had to let the venture go, at least for now. Though there are quite a few things I’ve learned technically this year but at the same time, there wasn’t any time left to blog about those.

Something I’ve done over last year:

  • Temporarily halt operations of my own ERPNext company to focus on my full time first. Will restart the first chance I’ve got.
  • Switch to use vim through out 2018 intead of PyCharm for python. It’s pretty great!!
  • Fly back and forth between Singapore and Vietnam to set up the Vietnamese team
  • Started with investment and learn more about value investing. The market in 2018 has a lot of ups and downs, it was a wild ride. But learnt quite a lot as well.
  • Visited beautiful Hunan China and survive on the limited Chinese vocabulary I have. A long overdue break with a lot of fun. Also first time to see snow and it was awesome!

Just drop here a few lines to remind myself of this year. Now let’s march to 2019 with full power!!!

Written on January 6, 2019